Our professional team is ready to provide you with best solutions based on your needs and budgets. We provide static/dynamic websites and portals. Our team will help you building/enhancing your digital identity and presence with the best SEO and marketing techniques.

MIMS is your reliable warehouse mobile management App. MIMS is a mobile application that manages all your warehouse(s) transactions. In addition, it provides you with an easy and fast inventory verification in all your warehouses.

UIC provides customized development of mobile applications that suites your needs and budgets.

Custom wholesale and retail solutions

Website Design

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” — Bill Gates.

Are you looking to build or enhance your web presence? are you looking for enhancing your SEO? Are you looking for digital marketing?

Let UIC be your IT partner.

What we do in websites development and marketing?

Best designs fitting your budget

Web Design
Static and dynamic web design based on your needs

Professional e-commerce websites with multi-platform compatibility for selling your produts

Brand Identity
Creative logo design. Professional graphic design

Mobile Friendly Websites
Multi-platform and responsive designs

SEO & Digital Marketing
Professional SEO and Digital marketing techniques to drive and enhance the traffic to your website

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